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Our Calendar Policy

We reserve the right to decide whether an event is appropriate for the calendar. Our exclusion criteria are based primarily upon the need to provide focus and not overwhelm the calendar with the thousands of events that occur in this town every month. Please do not take the exclusion of your event as a slight. We often attend and enjoy the events listed in the "exclusion" list. We just can't handle all of them in our calendar.

Criteria for inclusion

It must be in Southern California

It must be related to history or vintage dance.

It must be open to the general public with our without admission fee.

Examples of included events

  • A Ragtime ball
  • A Victorian dance class
  • A Civil War battle reinactment
  • A lecture on the westward migration
  • A concert of 19th Century popular music
  • A historical costume workshop

Criteria for exclusion

Not in Southern California

A "members only" event

Weekly recurring events (monthly okay)

Museum exhibitions (special events okay)

Renaissance faires and SCA events.

Film festivals and most theatrical productions.

Civic festivals with a tenuous historical connection.

Dance or music events that reflect a "living tradition" rather than a historical re-creation.

Examples of excluded events

  • A Scottish Country Dance ball.
  • A swing dance if it is "swing revival" rather than historically authentic swing.
  • A battle reinactment where the public is excluded.
  • A weekly dance at a 1940s night club.
  • A concert of bluegrass music.
  • The "Frontier Days" city parade.