Haul Away Joe Walter w/Bill & Sheila
Mingulay Boat Song
Sheila w/Bill and Walter
Blood Red Roses
Bill w/Sheila & Walter
Lady Franklyn's Lament
Bill solo
Video Clips
Flash Packet Sings "Rio Grande"
Sheila sings "The Water is Wide
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Singers and storytellers in authentic nautical costume bring you song and lore of the age of sail. Programs can be and have been tailored for any audience, from a supper cruise to a museum tour to a coffee house to a children's group.

Flash Packet is a group of three or four singers (three men and one woman) who present programs which include sea shanties, foc'sle songs, traditional music about the sea, sea lore and hands on activities for kids and adults (Have you ever marched around a capstan? Have you ever been a capstan?)


"Nautical History in Person"
"Bill Howard: Storyteller"

"The Virtual Whaling Voyage"

Walter Nelson
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